SALS Ollie Bomber Jacket – A Liberating and Gratifying Sew – Tester Review & SALE Code

If you cannot read the whole review, just hear this: SO gratifying; simple instructions, makes me want to sew a gazillion; feel like a million bucks; wear ours daily because they’re warm, comfy, and stunning; makes me feel like a Proverbs 31 woman–providing for our needs and my family!! Now, let’s get to the details…

The moment I saw the child’s Ollie Bomber jacket by Sew A Little Seam, I just had to snatch it. I bought a plain toddler bomber from Target the year before, and thinking of the endless possibilities with all the gorgeous fabrics out there, I knew I was already in love.

Pattern designer Kelly Ballou kindly created a free size 2T version after making her gorgeous quilted floral version shown here:


I grabbed the full pattern, though, because I knew I’d need them for all of my little ladies.


Wise decision. That gorgeous fabric? None other than Pretty Posh Prints.

And then came the Women’s Ollie Bomber Jacket! And it’s on sale for $4.90 (!!!) through October 6, 2016 by joining the Sew A Little Seam Facebook Group and checking the pinned post.

Thank the heavens I got to test this little number because it got me in gear to sew up both patterns; and (wo)man were they MUCH simpler than I would have thought. Kelly’s explanations are crisp and what I was already used to just from sewing garments like tees, dresses, and joggers. The pattern came together so nicely–and for those of you worried that there’s a long shiny object in the middle of the jacket, worry no longer! I have a zipper presser foot and didn’t even use it! I was much more comfortable with my regular foot, and it came together like butter.

In the final steps, turning the jacket right-side out and seeing all of the “pieces” slither out from the inside was like watching birth. It’s a pretty amazing thing.

Did I mention the jackets are reversible? I lined ours (included in the instructions) with cotton lycra from MLCameron Fabrics, so there are no seams on the inside; it’s just gorgeous. I kind of want to eat it.


My jacket, by the way, was from some soft pique poly lycra (like liverpool) from I have two more Ollie’s already on my sewing table for my 4-year-old and 1-year-old. Sometimes, a pattern that is so gratifying is a once-in-a-lifetime sew. You dust your hands off and never return to it. This isn’t that one. You’ll probably find a reason to “need” a jacket every year. We know we will…


2 thoughts on “SALS Ollie Bomber Jacket – A Liberating and Gratifying Sew – Tester Review & SALE Code

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  1. Like giving birth… Such an interesting description, but I’m sure it must be a rewarding feeling. Your makes are lovely.


    1. well..the end of birth…when it feels like everything inside is toppling out (in a beautiful way). For anyone who regularly sews completely reversible garments, this is second nature. But for me, it was a first. To pull everything out and see it beautifully connected was awesome. Plus, it may have been a very late night sew 😉


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