Easy Circle Skirt Using Patterns for Pirates Sweetheart Dress


If you’re a Patterns for Pirates addict like many of us, you likely don’t need to look much further for a great go-to skirt pattern for fall (or any season)!

The circle skirt portion of the Sweetheart Dress pattern is the main portion of the skirt. No changes need to be made to this pattern unless you’re using a fabric that doesn’t have much stress. Then, you can size up a bit (one or two sizes at the waist).

For the waistband, I use the Peg Legs waistband, which makes for an extremely comfortable and flattering fit. I used “liverpool” fabric (a textured poly blend) that is very slimming and tends to hide “perfect imperfections.” 🙂 You can get the Peg Legs pattern (the most incredible leggings pattern) FREE by joining the Patterns for Pirates Facebook Group and checking the pinned post.


You can choose to hem the skirt, as I’ve done (I just used my double needle, and it was a breeze. It takes time to go around the full circle, but it’s simple if you pre-fold the material and pin it). Or, you can leave the circle unhemmed, and it’ll flow even more.

That’s it! A circle, and a waistband! And the result is the perfect closet necessity!



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