Darling Daisy Dress by Sew Like My Mom *Pattern Test


“Darling” is definitely the appropriate name for this pattern. The Darling Daisy by Sew Like My Mom could be one of the only dresses in my girls’ closets because of the “easy beauty” it brings to the day. This is a very quick sew, gives me an excuse to use my wovens (although it can be made with knit too), and it looks incredibly refreshing on. Now…to find something like that in my size!

I had this little gal choose her fabric, and she knew this was it; she adores blue.

The only modification I made to the dress was the elastic size. I found 1/2” to work very well in the neckband, so choose whichever you think. This dress is going to be a gem no matter what. And for added whimsy, ruffly tiers are part of the pattern (sigh/melt).

Coming from Indian heritage, my girls are used to having plenty of dresses in their stash. But sometimes a simple frock is the winner (especially in mom’s book!); this is definitely that case. My little tots can dress themselves; and they, many times, end up wearing it to bed as pjs (shhhh). Just another reason to love the pattern (Can’t you picture it in amazing, soft lace for a nightie?! Or brushed poly??).

The Pattern: Darling Daisy by Sew Like My Mom


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