Summertime Skulls & Gearing Up for Halloween

It’s never to early to gear up for the holidays. It seems that I can have a project planned for months, even have it cut out; but then I’m swamped with customer orders or daily life takes over…and the sweet outfits never get made. So here I am just a few days before July 4th with no homemade 4th of July outfits made (they’re cut!) BUT I am all set for Halloween, thanks to the year-round vibrant fabric from Not Just Custom Fabric. If you catch this post in time, preorders are going on through July 5th, and you can get a 5% discount with code EVHO0ZVA0HTZ (1 yard minimum, excludes layaway).


Now let’s talk fabric and quality. These are 270-280gsm stretch French Terry; and they’re also available in 240-250gsm cotton lycra! Great stretch, sews up very nicely, and washes great (all of these have been pre-washed).



And the pattern? That’s still my go-to: The Deluxe Charlotte Sweatpants and Leggings Pattern by Laela Jeyne. I used the knee-length sweatpants option for my boy version, ankle elastic sweatpants for the others shown above, and knee leggings for these ones (bike short style):


The fabric is so vibrant that the kids just wanted to keep them on–so we let them! My happiest sewing moments are when my kiddos adore the creations and beg to wear them…every day 😀





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