The Ania Tunic: Makes My Old Soul Sing *Pattern Test


I have an old soul. I’m totally okay with that…and kind of love it. Until recently, I was making all of my girls’ patterns because I hadn’t yet found those with a classic, yet beautifully modern, vision. I’m so glad I stumbled upon Coffee & Thread. Olga somehow weaves the excitement of a child with a parent’s desire for easy-maintanance and European-esque styles.

When Olga posted this photo:

Coffee & Thread I knew I’d better keep a close eye on her upcoming releases!

I’ll have to get to these Wild & Free Lounge Pants another day (sigh). Today, my focus is on that incredible top. With the slight ruffle at the sleeves, short or long sleeve option, I was already planning my daughters’ summer, fall, winter, and spring collections (truly!).

AniaTunic5 For my first version, I wanted light, airy fabric; and this slight eyelet green was the perfect match for my little gal who adores everything green and blue these days.

And pockets.

The oversized pockets are perfect for treasures, flowers, and a bit of sand (sorry, mom!) at our sun-kissed park playdate.


The pattern has a nice curve and swing to it, which helps fulfill my Victorian love.


And the back has a beautiful little opening with a sweet button detail. It’s an easy sew, no zipper hassle, and convenient to get on-off kids on the go. Or if you’re like us, a little sprinkler fun might mean we have to slip it off and dry it in the hot sun for a few minutes.


I’ll definitely be revisiting this pattern as I start sewing for the warmer months. Those cuffs on the long sleeve option have me like “woah.”

For now, I’ll be summer dreaming… in Ania and floral…and a sprinkle of princess dust.


PATTERN: The Ania Tunic


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